Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strong Men Also Cry

It wasn't fair and it wasn't right but they both knew that it was time to part company. The decision had been made somewhere between the incessant hanging up of phone calls, the abusive torrents of words which were spurned from the guts to the mouth and across the Bay via telecommunications towers, re-packaged, onsent and then spat back into the ear of the recipient.

"I just don't want to hear it!" screamed Gabby, "you just don't know when to shut your mouth! Fuck off!"

"I don't know when to shut my mouth? That's fucking rich coming from you. Listen to how I am speaking. I am not raising my voice at you. Why can't you just level with me rather than spitting chips all the time" he said, repeating the word "Teflon" to himself.

"I just don't give a shit" she said coolly.

"Maybe not now, but in a few days you might. And when you come crawling back because you realised it wasn't worth it,

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